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Friday, 27 November 2015

Lucien Laurent, the first World Cup goal scorer interviewed by Gary Lineker

This is a English and French language interview with Portuguese subtitles.

El Otro Lado Del Balon (Twelve page magazine of Mexico and the 1930 World Cup)

This Spanish language magazine highlights Mexico's participation at the 1930 World Cup with background info on some of the players. For those who cannot speak Spanish it would require using google translate,
Click on the link below:

Sunday, 18 October 2015

La Stampa's (Italy) coverage of the 1930 World Cup

While the vast majority of the European press took little interest in the first World Cup, publishing just a few lines on the events taking place in Uruguay, there were exceptions. Turin based daily journal La Stampa, regularly kept its readers informed. It didn't send a correspondent but relied on cablegram dispatches, listing the Buenos Aries based Agencia Americana (A.A.) in some of its reports.

13 July 1930 - France v Mexico (Group 1) / United States v Belgium (Group 4).

14 July 1930, p.5

14 July 1930 - Romania v Peru (Group 3) / Yugoslavia v Brazil (Group 2)

15 July 1930, p.5

15 July 1930 - Argentina v France (Group 1)

16 July 1930, p.5

16 July 1930 - Chile v Mexico (Group 1)

17 July 1930, p.5

17 July 1930 - Yugoslavia v Bolivia (Group 2) / United States v Paraguay (Group 4)

18 July 1930, p.7

18 July 1930 - Uruguay v Peru (Group 3) / Opening of the Centenario Stadium (Centenary day celebrations)

19 July 1930, p.2

19 July 1930 - Chile v France (Group 1) / Argentina v Mexico (Group 1)

20 July 1930, p.7

20 July 1930 - Brazil v Bolivia (Group 2) / Paraguay v Belgium (Group 4)

21 July 1930, p.5

21 July 1930 - Uruguay v Romania (Group 3)

22 July 1930, p.5

22 July 1930 - Argentina v Chile (Group 1)

23 July 1930, p.7

26 July 1930 - Argentina v United States (Semi-final)

27 July 1930, p.5

27 July 1930 - Uruguay v Yugoslavia (Semi-final)

28 July 1930, p.5

30 July 1930 - Uruguay v Argentina (Final)

31 July 1930, p.5

 The aftermath in Buenos Aires.
1 August 1930, p.5

Friday, 16 October 2015

1930 World Cup Magazine (Estrellas Deportivas 1980)

Estrellas Deportivas was a supplement published by Uruguayan newspaper El Diario. The two editions are dated 23 July 1980 and 30 July 1980 on the fiftieth anniversary of Uruguay's triumph.

French and Swiss press coverage of the World Cup Final 1930

This is not a comprehensive reflection of the entire French press at the time but is significant of the general attitude that Europe had towards the first World Cup. The newspapers only dedicated a few lines about the final with very little detail. As will be shown there was more interest to the events that transpired in Buenos Aires after the final with minor riots and attacks on the Uruguayan Consulate.

The World Cup Final
Le Figaro, 31 July 1930

Le Petit Parisien, 31 July 1930

La Croix, 1 August 1930

The reaction in Buenos Aires

Le Temps (France), 1 August 1930

Le Temps (Switzerland), 2 August 1930.

Match Reports in the Mexican Press (France v Mexico / Argentina v Mexico)

Mexico v France

El Siglio de Torreon, 14 July 1930, p5

El Informador, 14 July 1930, p.1

Mexico v Argentina

El Informador, 20 July 1930, p.1

Brazilian Newspapers (O Globo and O Estado do Sao Paulo)

The O Globo front page has been previously published on this site but I've managed to find an enlarged version. It appeared on the day Brazil played Yugoslavia (14 July 1930). Below is also the report of Brazil's 2-1 defeat to their opponents published in O Estado do Sao Paulo (15 July 1930)

Brazilian Newspaper Articles (World Cup 1930)

These newspaper articles appeared on the internet sometime ago in a book entitled Colação Memória Do Brasil, and relate to Brazil's participation in the first World Cup. They are no longer available on the net.

These articles are dated from 30th and 31st May 1930, 12th and 13th June 1930 from O Globo.

Both of these articles are from Critica, 13th and 15th June 1930

These articles are from A Noite and O Globo, both 3 July 1930.

Both of these articles are from Critica, 10 July 1930 and 12 July 1930