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Monday, 30 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Argentina (English translation from La Voz)


This is an English translation of the match report of the first ever World Cup final between Uruguay and Argentina played on the 30th July 1930. The hosts, Uruguay, emerged victorious as 4-2 winners after trailing at halftime 2-1. The report has at least one mistake as it lists Uruguay's first goalscorer as Pedro Cea. In fact, the author of the goal was the outside-right, Pablo Dorado.

The article was published in the Spanish newspaper La Voz on the 31st July 1930. The author of the piece is unknown but likely a South American journalist working for the Associated Press cablegram newsagency. You can read the original Spanish language report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their opinions as to the accuracy of the translation that was interpreted using google.

The teams.- Montevideo 30 (16. evening) .- The national teams of Uruguay and Argentina, which this afternoon will compete in the world soccer championship. They are formed by the following players:
Uruguayan team - Ballesteros: Nasazzi, Mascheroni; Andrade Fernández, Gestido Dorado, Scarone. Anselmo, Cea, Iriarte.
Argentine team.- Botasso: De la Torre, Paternoster; Evaristo (J.). Chividini, Suarez; Peucelle, Varallo, Stabile, Ferreyra. Evaristo (M.).
The Argentine player Monti must have played in his team as a midfielder, but he has refused to play this afternoon, due to his lack of sympathy with the Uruguayan public. To be named to replace Monti [is] the player Zumelzu, but cannot play because of being sick. Then it was decided that Chividini would take the place of Monti in the final match. He still does not know if at the last minute he will be able to convince Monti to occupy the rightful place in the team, because many technicians [coaching staff] and supporters try to convince him to play against the Uruguayans.
The Uruguayan team talks about the possibility that at the last minute Petrone or Castro replace Anselmo as a centre-forward. (Associated Press.)
MONTEVIDEO 30 (9 n.), - The teams have suffered at the last minute the following modifications: the middle Argentine centre Chividini is replaced by Monti, and the Uruguayan centre-forward Anselmo is replaced by Castro.

The game.-Montevideo 30 (8 night) .- In the final match of the World Championship, played this afternoon between the national teams of the Republic of Argentina and Uruguay, the Uruguayans won by four goals against two.
The first half ended with the score of two to one, favourable to the Argentine team.
The detail. -During the first minutes of play, the Argentines, and especially the defence line, with great nervousness, frequently missing and allowing the dominance of the Uruguayan players, who after twelve minutes of play managed to score the first goal, the work of striker Cea. Putting the game back into play, the fight was balanced, noticing a greater security in the Argentine defence. Evaristo (J.) made an excellent game, stopping advances of the Uruguayan front line and serving numerous balls to his. The Argentine strikers, despite showing lack of rapport, put several times in danger in Uruguayan goal, until in the twenty minutes of play they achieved their first goal through Peucelle. The fight continues balanced; but, at thirty-eight minutes, a beautiful combination made by Varallo and Stabile finished the latter, pointing the second both the Argentine team. The first half ended with the score of two to one in favour of the Argentines.
In the second half, the Argentines hopeful of being able to take revenge of the Amsterdam final, they directed all their efforts to maintain the advantage obtained in the first time: however, the weak performance of some of their players, who tried to make plays individual, removed effectiveness to the team's overall work. In addition, although the extremes performed well, they did not manage to link their game with their other linemates. After the first moments, the Uruguayan players made strong attacks to get their second goal with a superb shot by Dorado. A few minutes later Iriarte scored the third and moments before the meeting was over the centre-forward Castro achieved the fourth goal. (Associated Press.)

For that trip! ... Montevideo 30 (10 n.) .- The Italian transatlantic "Duilio", which left Buenos Aires last night driving 1,000 Argentinean fans, who moved to this capital to witness the game, has arrived after the meeting ended, because of the thick fog in the Río de la Plata. For the same reason, they have had to return to Buenos Aires several aeroplanes and boats that made the trip to this capital.
The police authorities have stated that the agents under their command have seized more than 5,000 revolvers and bladed weapons, the property of Argentines who have moved these days to Montevideo to witness the matches of the world championship. (Associated Press.)

The bad to lose - London 31 - Telegraph from Buenos Aires to the ''Daily Herald'' that the news of the victory of the Uruguayan soccer team has given rise to several incidents and tumults, some ladies who looked out onto a balcony on Mayo Avenue The Uruguayan flag was stoned by the populace, and the police had to carry several charges against groups of protesters who stoned the Uruguayan Consulate, breaking almost all the windows of the building, and the agents were forced to cease the guns to restore order. .

The Argentine press protests against the game developed by the Uruguayans, describing it as brutal and accuses of manifest partiality [by] the Belgian referee, Langenus. (Fabra)

Friday, 27 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Yugoslavia (English translation from El Sol)


This is a match report of the second semi-final between Uruguay and Yugoslavia played on the 27th July 1930. The hosts 6-1 win over the Balkan state secured their place in the first-ever World Cup final against their arch-rivals and neighbours from across the River Plate - Argentina. 

This dispatch appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Sol, on the 28th of July. You can read the original report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their opinions on the translation to help with any improvements. The document was converted via google.

Uruguay, 6; Yugoslavia, 1

MONTEVIDEO 28 (10 m.). - Yesterday was the semifinal match of the world championship between the teams of Uruguay and Yugoslavia.

The first half ended with three goals to one in favour of Uruguay. From the first moment, the superiority of local players over their opponents was evident. However, the Yugoslavs produced a good impression, because they made excellent plays of short passes. His game during all this time recalled by its characteristics to the Argentine teams. In general, the game was animated and at times quite abrupt. The goalkeeper stood out remarkably from the Yugoslav team.

The Uruguayan front line was somewhat heavy. Their players did not demonstrate the excellent way in which they had acted in the match against the Romanian team. The defence acted well. The first goal of the afternoon was marked by the Yugoslavs. It was the only goal scored by this team, and it caused general confusion in the huge crowd that filled the stadium. The first Uruguayan, who gave the tie, was marked by Cea and received by the public with a formidable ovation. The second Uruguayan was scored by centre-forward Anselmo and gave rise to delirious expressions of enthusiasm, as well as the third, also achieved by Anselmo.

Shortly before the end of the first half the Yugoslavs scored the second goal, cancelled by the referee [for being] out of play.

In the second half, the superiority of the Uruguayan team became even more evident. As they were marking the many facts against the enemy goal the enthusiasm of the public overflowed. The match ended with six to one, in favour of Uruguay. The superiority of the local team was so obvious that most of the match was played near the Yugoslavian goal. Thanks to the magnificent performance of the Yugoslav goalkeeper, who played brilliantly, the Uruguayan triumph was prevented from reaching truly exceptional proportions.

In the Uruguayan team, the defenders Mascheroni and Nazzassi, the media Andrade and Fernández y Gestido stood out. The goalkeeper Ballesteros acted well, except in the goal that marked him at the start of the game. In contrast, the strikers did not produce a good impression and did not play up to what was expected. Only the left inside Cea and the centre-forward Anselmo stood out, although the game of the latter was inferior to the one played in the game played against the Romanians. In general, it can be said that from the technical point of view the game can be described as regular, and about more or less, similar to the one played between the United States and the Argentines the previous day, although the game played by the Yugoslav superior to the team of the United States.

So many Uruguayans in the second half had scored: one by Iriarte and two by Cea.

Throughout the meeting the order was perfect. The same as on the previous day, the authorities had taken extreme precautions on the outside of the stadium and on the inside of the stadium. The surveillance was in charge of police forces and armed soldiers. In order to prevent the public from invading the field, it was surrounded by a double woven wire fence three meters high.
The turnout was huge, it is estimated that more than one hundred thousand people attended the match, having exhausted the locations with enough anticipation. Thousands of people who had not been able to get places surrounded the field hoping to know the result. (Associated Press.)

The Olympic final of Amsterdam was repeated
 MONTEVIDEO 28 (11 m.). - With the victory of Uruguay with the same number as the Argentine team in their match against the United States, these two finalist teams are left to compete for the world championship. The finalist match between Uruguay and Argentina will be held on Wednesday.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Match Report - Argentina vs United States (English translation from El Heraldo de Madrid)


On July 26th, Argentina beat the United States 6-1 to qualify for the first ever World Cup final. This translation of the match report appeared in the July 28th edition of El Heraldo de Madrid. Uruguay defeated in Yugoslavia in the other semi-final played on the 27th of July. 

The author of the dispatch is unknown but was a reporter (most likely a South American native) working for the cable news agency, the Associated Press. You can read the original report here.

Any suggestions to help improve this document are welcome which was translated via google.

The semifinal of the world soccer championship has been played, corresponding to the Argentines and North Americans. They beat the first six against one.

MONTEVIDEO.-The soccer match played between the national teams of the Argentine Republic and the United States in the national stadium was attended by nearly 100,000 spectators, who occupied all the locations. Among the spectators was a large number of Argentines, who wave their national flag.

In the first time the Argentines dominate almost completely, in such a way that in the first twenty minutes the game was developed within the North American line of defense, having the goalkeeper Douglas to intervene innumerable times, always with success. The Argentines managed in this first time to score a goal, work of Monti. The Argentine spectators welcomed this first goal with a big ovation, followed by all kinds of expressions of enthusiasm.

The Argentines demonstrated in this first half have greater agility and knowledge of the game than their opponents. They developed a game of short passes that completely disconcerted the Americans, unaware of this technique. 

In the second half the American defense was powerless to contain the impetuous attacks of the Argentine strikers, who acted more blended than in the first forty-five minutes. The Argentine players scored five goals at eleven, twenty-three, thirty-five, forty-forty-two minutes of play. These many were executed by the players Scopelli, Stabile and Peucelle. The fourth Argentine goal, made by Peucelle, was in fact, marked by the North American defender Wood who, when he tried to deflect the ball, introduced it into his own net. Six minutes before ending the match the American Storie managed to score the goal of honor, ending the game with the victory of the Argentines by six goals against one.

In this second half the Americans gave the impression of being completely confused by the technique used by the Argentines.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Match Report - Argentina vs Chile (English translation from La Nacion)

This is the match report of Argentina's 3-1 victory over Chile at the Estadio Centenario that was played on 22nd of July. This match secured their place in semi-finals alongside the United States, Yugoslavia and the host Uruguay.

The article is unsigned but is most likely a South American scribe working for the cable news agency Associated Press. This report appeared in the 23rd July edition of Madrid based daily La Nacion. You can read the original report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their input to help improve the translation of this document that was translated via google.

Argentina defeated Chile.

And it goes to the semifinal.

Argentina, 3: Chile, 1.

MONTEVIDEO 23.-In the eliminatory match for the world soccer championship played this afternoon by the national teams of the Argentine Republic and Chile, the Argentineans won by three goals against one. (Associated Press)

In the match "ties were tightened".

MONTEVIDEO 22.-In the first half of the match played this afternoon between the national teams of the Argentine Republic and Chile, the Argentines scored the first goal at eleven minutes of play, and the second, two minutes later, both made by the Stabile player.

The Chileans, however, were not intimidated, but played with greater effort, getting fourteen minutes to score a goal, the work of striker Subiabre. Then there were countless attacks on the Argentine goal, not making the score vary by the deviation of the shots of their strikers. During the offensive of the Chilean team, an Argentine player fouled one of his opponents, who got up and slapped the author of the foul. (*)Then a real pitched battle ensued between the players of both teams, with the game being suspended for several minutes, while the contenders were separated and the player victim of the foul was served. The game resumed, throwing the Chileans in free-kick, and, shortly after, the first half was over.

(*) For further on the identity of the players below, see comments below.

In the first forty-five minutes, the Chileans acted magnificently, because, although the Argentines scored two goals first, their game did not decline the least, and only the accuracy of their shots should be attributed the difference of scoring between both teams.

In the second half, the Argentines began playing with greater enthusiasm, achieving through Mario Evaristo mediation, the third in his favour. The Chileans made numerous attacks on the Argentine goal, wasting several times to score, due to the inaccuracy of their shots.

In the last moments, the Argentines attacked continuously, often putting the Chilean goal in danger; but they did not get any more.

The match with the triumph of the Argentinians by three goals against one .- (Associated Press.)

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Romania (English translation from El Heraldo de Madrid)


This is the match report of Uruguay's 4-0 victory over Romania, played at the Estadio Centenario, that secured their place in the semi-finals.

The author of the article is anonymous but is most likely a South American journalist employed by the cable news agency, Associated Press. This article appeared in the 22nd July edition of the Spanish newspaper, El Heraldo de Madrid. You can read the original report here.

This article was translated via Google and is subject to errors. Readers are welcome to offer their opinions in order to help improve the translation.

The World Championship soccer

Uruguay Defeat Romania 4 to 0.
MONTEVIDEO 22.-- Uruguay beat  Romania by 4 to 0. The four goals were scored in the first half.
MONTEVIDEO 28. During the first half of the game played yesterday afternoon between the national teams of Romania and Uruguay, the Uruguayan players easily dominated the Romanians, because, although the Romanian defence acted brilliantly, it could not contain the overwhelming attacks of the local.

After six minutes of play, the Uruguayan Dorado scored the first goal for his team; Scarone scores the second at twenty-five minutes; the third is executed by Anselmo at thirty-four, and a minute later Cea points to the fourth. This first half ends with the scoring of four zero in favour of the Uruguayans.
This result gives an idea exactly of the way the match was played in the first forty-five minutes. The Uruguayans were constantly on the offensive, without the Romanians managing to start more than four attacks, which were easily annulled by the Uruguayan defence.
At the beginning of the second half, the Uruguayan strikers play [with] apathy, except Iriarte, who is the only one who has not scored and carries out individual attacks without the support of his linemates. The game is developed without registering dangerous situations, due to the impossibility in which they are the Romanians to overcome the resistance - from the locals and to the little enthusiasm of the Uruguayans to increase the score.

The match ends with the result of four to zero, favourable to Uruguay. -

Friday, 20 July 2018

Match Report - Brazil vs Bolivia; Paraguay vs Belgium (English translation from La Nacion)

This match report covers the two games that were played one after the other on the 20th July between Brazil-Bolivia and Paraguay-Belgium at the Estadio Centenario.
Written by an anonymous reporter (most likely South American) working for cable news agency this clipping was published in the Madrid based La Nacion (21 July 1930). You can the read original report here.
All contributions are welcome to help improve the translation of this report which was interpreted via google.
Note: There are discrepancies with the spelling with some of the players' names and the identity of the goalscorers.

Brazil and Paraguay were the winners yesterday

MONTEVIDEO 21.-Yesterday, Sunday, two games were played for the world soccer championship, between the teams of Brazil and Bolivia and those of Paraguay and Belgium.
In the first game, the Brazilians won by four goals to one. Paraguay was the winner over Belgium, by a little to zero. (Associated Press.)

The superiority of Brazil
MONTEVIDEO 21.-In the first half of the game played between the teams of Brazil and Bolivia passed without great interest, although the Brazilians showed from the first moment to have a greater technique than their enemies.
Minutes after the game started, it was noted that the public was confused about the players that belonged to each team, because of the equality of the shirts, which were white for all players. In view of this, the match was interrupted, so that the Bolivians could change their uniforms. When they returned to the field they wore the blue jersey of the Uruguayan teams. The public, seeing the Bolivians appear dressed in such fashion, burst into a standing ovation.
Resumed the game, the game continued to develop without plays of great interest. Twenty-seven minutes into the first half, the Brazilian player Reco scored the first goal of the match.
The first half ended with a goal by the Brazilians, against their opponents.

The Brazilians showed more dominance and technique throughout the game than the Bolivians, a domain that grew as the game went on, despite the enthusiasm shown by the Bolivian players. Coelhonetto played magnificently, proving to be the most effective striker of the Brazilian team, marking the second and third goal in favour of his team. The fourth goal of the Brazilians was marked by Wisintainer. The match ended with the victory of the Brazilian team, by four goals to one.
The match was attended by some fifteen thousand people. The weather (*) somewhat tarnished the game, it was dishevelled and cold .- (Associated Press.)

*Thank you to Ken Knight for this correction. See comments below.
Paraguayans and Belgians, bored.
MONTEVIDEO 21.-The second match of the afternoon was held between the teams of Paraguay and Belgium. The Paraguayan team lined up in the following way: Benítez; Flores, Olmedo; Benítez, Diaz, Garcete; Nessi, Romero González, Benítez Cáceres and Vargas Peña.
The Belgian team was composed of Badjón; Hoydonck, Dedecken; Braine, Hallemans, Moesenbal; Versyp, Delbeque, Nowens, Adams and Diden.
The Belgians started the first half with repeated attacks against the Paraguayan goal, whose defence acted well. However, shortly thereafter, midway through the second half, the forces remained balanced, after which a reaction was observed by the Paraguayan team, which twice put the Belgian gate in imminent danger.
The right wing of the Paraguayan team Nessi, at the moment of trying to score a goal, was given, driven by the impulse, a violent blow to the head against the post, falling to the ground vanished. The Paraguayans continued the game with only ten players on the field.
The public showed little interest in the game, withdrawing much of the competition before the end. The match ended with the victory of the Paraguayans by a goal against zero.
The only goal of the match was scored by Benítez Cáceres, thirty-seven minutes after the first half had started.
Although the Paraguay-Belgium party aroused little enthusiasm, it has been considered as a technical demonstration .- (Associated Press.)

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Match Report - Argentina vs Mexico; Chile vs France (English translation from La Nacion)


This is a match report of the doubleheader that was played on the 19th of July 1930 at the Estadio Centenario. Chile played France around midday while Argentina defeated Mexico later that afternoon.

This article was written by an anonymous journalist working for the Associated Press that was published in the Madrid-based newspaper, La Nacion, on the 21st July 1930. You can read the original report here.

Readers are welcome to offer any improvements on translation into English from Spanish which was converted via google. There was at least two spelling errors in regard to the spelling of players names. For instance, the Mexican player, Roberto Gayon is misspelt Gallardo and Zumelzu is written as Sumelzu. The reference to 'porteños' is a word associated with the inhabitants of Buenos Aires and in this context is generalized to refer to the Argentinians.

Argentina defeats Mexico and Chile beat France.
MONTEVIDEO 19.-The match between the representative teams of the Argentine Republic and Mexico has been characterized by an overwhelming superiority of the porteños. Only the enthusiasm that the Mexicans have made throughout the game has been able to save them from a catastrophic defeat.
The first part of the game was extremely monotonous. The Argentines, confident of their superiority, seemed to play with reluctance. However, their superior combinations allowed them to jeopardize the other goal at all times. After eight minutes, as a result of one of these combinations, Stabile scored the first goal in favour of Argentina. Once again the ball was put into play, the porteños again advanced, and Sumelzu (Zumelzu) scored the second goal.
The game is parked in the field of the Mexicans and soon arrives the third goal, also by Stabile. This both encourages the Mexicans, who, chanted by the public, which is clearly favourable, endanger the Argentine goal. One of two porteños (full) backs contact the ball with the hand in the penalty area, and the referee orders the maximum punishment. Mexican player Lopez (it was actually M Rosas) is in charge of throwing him (of taking the penalty), who, from a magnificent shot, catches the ball in the Argentine goal.
Encouraged by this goal, the Mexicans carry live attacks, which put in serious danger at the opposite goal. His technical inferiority is evident; but their enthusiasm allows them to corner at certain moments the opponents, who played with a lot of apathy, and wins the sympathy of the public. Finish the first jalf with a three to one.
In the second half, the Argentines, without showing enthusiasm, take advantage of their superiority to score the fourth and fifth goals, seven and eight minutes after the game began. The authors of the many are Varallo and Zumelzu. The referee punishes the Argentines with a free kick (actually another penalty). Manuel Rosas is responsible for throwing it (for taking it), and sends the ball with good aim. Bossio rejects, but Rosas gets the ball again and scores the second goal for the Mexicans.

Despite the dominance of the Argentines, the Mexicans still manage to make some loose advances. In one of them, Gallardo (Gayon) manages to score for his team the third goal at twenty-nine minutes of play. The Argentines shake their apathy for a few moments, and the Mexican goalkeeper, Bonifiglio, has the chance to win an ovation by making a formidable stop within a shot of Varallo. After thirty-seven minutes of play, Stábile scored the sixth Argentine goal. The match completely lapses in interest, because the Mexicans are exhausted by the effort made, and the Argentines are dedicated to keeping the difference. The match ends, then: Argentina, 6; Mexico, 3

The French lose at a minimum.
More competitive, but also of mediocre quality, was the match that put the teams of Chile and France face to face. During the first half, the game was as early in one field as in another, but the decisive and energetic action of both defences messed up all the chances of scoring. It finished the first jalf with a draw.

Twenty minutes into the second half, the Chilean striker advances in an admirable combination of passes, which ends Schemberger (actual scorer was Guillermo Subiabre), scoring the first goal. The French make desperate efforts to score, and the fight acquires great emotion, within their mediocre class. The Chileans manage to reach the end, keeping the difference. Chile, 1; France, 0 .-- Associated Press.)

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Peru (English translation of El Heraldo de Madrid)


This is an English translation of Uruguay vs Peru match report that appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Heraldo de Madrid on the 19th July 1930. The match represented the opening of the newly built Estadio Centenario commensurate with the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Uruguayan Constitution.
The report is anonymous but is written by a South American correspondent of the Associated Press news agency. You can read the original report here.
Google translation was used to convert the document and is clumsy in parts. Any Spanish speakers are welcome to offer their contribution to help improve the document.

Uruguay Beat Peru by one to zero
MONTEVIDEO. - In the soccer match played between the national teams of Uruguay and Peru, the Uruguayans won by a little against zero.-Associated Press.
MONTEVIDEO.- The first half of the game played this afternoon between the Uruguayan and Peruvian teams ended without either side having scored so much, for which the audience whistled to the Uruguayan players, for not being satisfied with their performance.
However, the Uruguay team dominated all the time, but their attacks were stopped by the Peruvian defence, which played admirably. During this half the Peruvians made a formidable effort, not content with resisting the attacks of their adversaries, but, on the other hand, made frequent incursions into the Uruguayan field, which motivated, the intervention of the Uruguay goalkeeper.

At the end of the first half, the audience was surprised by the excellent performance of the Peruvian players, because they were considered enthusiastic men, but unable to oppose a serious resistance to their rivals, far superior in knowledge of the game.
In the second half, the Uruguayans managed to score the goal that gave them the victory, which was greeted with a great ovation by the public, which until that moment had not ceased to whistle.
In the course of this second half, the Peruvians continued to show their marvellous resistance to the Uruguayan attack, especially the defence, which succeeded in stopping the continuous Uruguayan attacks, carried out with the technique that is peculiar to them.
Among the Peruvian players stood out: the centre-half, Galindo, and the goalkeeper, Padrón, especially the latter, who, after a somewhat indecisive first half, stopped formidably countless shots. Of the forwards highlighted Lavalle, who led the line admirably and shot good shots.

The Uruguayans acted with insecurity during the first half, but, after the goal scored in the second half, they played brilliantly. He was animated by the public, who exchanged whistles in applause. Associated Press