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Saturday, 26 September 2015

1930 World Cup Newspapers and Magazines

Argentina's La Prensa reports the United States 3-0 victory over Paraguay. 18 July 1930
Argentina's La Nacion reports on the World Cup final, 31 July 1930
Belgrade newspaper reports on Yugoslavia's 2-1 victory against Brazil, Politika, 15 July 1930

Scenes from the World Cup, La Revista, Ano II, Number 83

A Noite, July 1930

Montevideo Bog te video - By Vladimir Stankovic

Montevideo Bog te video, By Vladirmir Stankovic

The Serbian language semi-fictional book was made into two movies (links below) and a TV series. Also below is a pdf link where you can read the first three chapters of the book in Serbian. (hint type text into google translate although it maybe a large task).

Montevideo Bog te video (part 1)

Montevideo Vidimo se! (part 2)

Montevideo Bog te video book pdf:

Podcast and Radio interviews with the sons of James Brown (United States) and Adelbert Steiner (Romania)

James Brown

Below is a link to a podcast that has an interview with the son of James Brown, who relates his father's story in the World Cup. George Brown is interviewed around the 8 minute 40 second mark.

Below is an article about James Brown:

Adelbert Steiner
Below is a link to a Romanian language radio interview with the sons of Adelbert Steiner, who retell the story of their father's experience at the 1930 World Cup:

Spanish and English language World Cup book.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

1930 World Cup Magazines

Argentina's El Grafico

Mundo Uruguayo magazine

Uruguayan magazine Deportes, 19 July 1930

Guillermo Saavedra on the cover of Chile's Los Sports

News of Romania's 3-1 victory over Peru appeared in 24 July 1930 edition of Realitatea Ilustrata