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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Uruguay ahoy! (An article in FIFA Weekly)

One of the objectives of this blog is to provide links to online resources for further reading. Rarely, if ever, do I comment on the content of a book or a magazine. Nor do I necessarily agree with the content published therein. But with this article in a FIFA publication, I think it only right to point out some obvious mistakes. 

Firstly, the author states that the French, Romanian and Belgian delegations boarded the Conte Verde together in Genoa, Italy. It was only the Romanians that boarded in Genoa, picking up the French in Villefranche-sur-mer and then the Belgians in Barcelona. (For further info see: 

The Road to the First World Cup by Joe Faerstein.)

Secondly, it describes Pedro Cea, the forward that scored Uruguay's equaliser in the final, as the 'home captain'. This is untrue, the honour of captain belonged to the legendary defender Jose Nasazzi.

And lastly, it's description of Uruguay's third goal, by Iriarte, is fundamentally incorrect, stating that he ''wormed his way into the box before applying a 12-yard finish''. In fact, Iriarte picked the ball up in midfield, from the inside-left position, and after a short dribble, struck a right-footed shot roughly from 25 to 30 yards that flew into the top left-hand corner of Botasso's goal. Arguably, it was one of the best goals ever scored in a World Cup Final.

FIFA Weekly Issue #3, November 8, 2013
English edition
Édition française
Edición española
Deutsche Ausgabe

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