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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Mystery of the Silver Cup.

After Uruguay defeated arch rivals Argentina 4-2 in the final of the World Cup, the Centenario Stadium was witness to extraordinary celebrations from Uruguayan fans and players alike. All that awaited now was the presentation of the World Cup trophy, at the time called the ''Goddess of Victory'', latter renamed the ''Jules Rimet Trophy''.

The Brazilian newspaper, O Jornal (31 July 1930), outlined the plan following the final whistle. The two teams would ascend to the top of the Tribuna Olympica and the winning team would stand on the right of the Torre del Homenaje (the Homage Tower), with, presumably, the losers on the left.
Trumpets would sound as the victor's national flag was hoisted upon the mast atop of the tower and the municipal band played the winners national anthem. After this ceremony, Jules Rimet would present the cup to the victorious team, awarding them their gold medals and silver to the runners-up.

But this never occurred after the match had finished. Instead the Uruguayan team stood on the pitch and watched as the Uruguayan flag was raised on top of the tower and the band played the national anthem.The team then took a lap of honour around the pitch carrying a silver cup. Below is a link to an article that has a photograph of the Uruguayans on the pitch after the final whistle. On the right of the image, Pablo Dorado can be seen holding the trophy in his right hand and what appears to be its base in his left. So what is this mystery silver cup?

Uruguay and Argentina regularly competed for trophies such as the Newton Cup and the Lipton Cup and I thought that perhaps that the final was doubling for that years Lipton cup (they had played the Newton Cup on 25th May 1930, a 1-1 draw) but I have found no evidence to support this claim. The actual presentation of the World Cup trophy would take place later at a banquet held for the victors.

The official FIFA film shows images of  a Uruguayan player running around the field with the silver cup, hoisting it above his head, and showing it to an ecstatic crowd.

If anyone has any information regarding this trophy please let us know.

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