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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The S.S. Munargo That Took The US and Mexico To The 1930 World Cup

On the evening of June 13 1930, the American and Mexican delegations boarded the S.S. Munargo, commanded by W.W. Clark and set sail from Hoboken, New Jersey for Montevideo, Uruguay for the first World Cup. It was an 18-day trip with stops in Bermuda and Brazil.

On their arrival in Montevideo, American coach, Bob Millar, told Uruguay's El Diario that training on board had been difficult, ''a steamer not only too small and without an open deck for exercising, but also with very poor bathrooms.'' However, they coped enough for the US players to credit their trainer Jock Coll with keeping them fit on board.

Below are some pictures of the S.S. Munrgo taken in the 1930s.

Where the Legend Began, Rony J Almeida, 2006

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