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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Match Report - Chile vs Mexico (English translation from El Sol)


This is an English translation of the report of the Chile vs Mexico match that was played on the 16 July and appeared in the Spanish newspaper, El Sol, on the 17 July 1930 via the news-agency Associated Press. The first cable-gram reached the offices of the paper at 10 pm of the 16th and contained a mere twenty-seven words and providing the most basic of information. One hour later a more extensive report was dispatched to the Spanish daily.

Google was used to translate this report and is subject to imperfections. Spanish speakers are welcome to offer their opinions to help better translate this document where the original report can be read here.

Caution should be taken when excepting the details in this account even if it is written by an anonymous eyewitness. For example, this report states that Subiabre scored the first two goals with Vidal netting the third. Most Chilean sources list Vidal as scoring the first and third, while the second was an own goal.

El Sol, 17 July 1930

MONTEVIDEO 16 (10 n.) .- In the qualifying match for the world championship, played this afternoon between the national teams of Chile and Mexico, the Chileans won by three goals against zero.
(Associated Press.)

MONTEVIDEO 16 (11 n.). -The game played this afternoon by the national teams of Chile and Mexico has attracted little public, despite the great interest that aroused the performance of the Chilean players. This expectation for the game that the team from Chile would develop was due to the mystery that his training had been surrounded and to the belief that he would be a serious rival of the Argentine side in the final match of his series.

Four minutes into the match, the Chilean player Subriabre scored the first goal for his team. This seemed a check of the forecasts that were made before starting; but soon after the Chileans were confused by the impetuous offensive developed by the Mexicans. After a few minutes, managed to calm down, and managed to take the game to the Mexican field, but without gaining any advantage, mainly because each Chilean striker tried to score, regardless of whether his placement was favorable or not to get it. Both teams committed frequent fouls, which the referee did not punish. The game continued developing very moved, with superiority of the Chileans, although these showed signs of having little technique. The first half ends with the score of one to zero in favor of the Chilean team.

The second half started with several attacks by the Mexican players, which did not score any both the indecision in the shots and the low precision of his shots. A few minutes into the game the Chilean Subriabe scored again. From this moment the game became violent, and the Mexicans threatened the goal of their opponents because of the advanced position in which the Chilean defense was placed. After twenty minutes, Vidal scored the third goal for the Chileans. They continued to dominate these, although both their performance and that of their rivals is not very lucid. The Chilean Elgueta had to retire from the field to be injured. The referee reprimanded several players for playing hard; but he stopped punishing ruinous faults. The match ended with the victory of the Chileans by three goals to zero. (Associated Press.)

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