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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Match Report - Yugoslavia vs Bolivia (English translation from El Sol)


This is the English translation of the match report that appeared in the 18th July issue of Spanish newspaper, El Sol, from 1930 of the Yugoslavia vs Bolivia game that was played at the Estadio Gran Parque Central, home of Montevideo based team, Club Nacional, that was played on the 17th July.

The author of the article is anonymous but was written by a journalist working for Associated Press and is most likely a South American reporter on location in Uruguay.

Google was used to translate this document and is, therefore, subject to possible errors that would be better crafted by a professional translator. Spanish speakers are welcome to offer their opinions to help improve the text. You can read the original report here.

The victory of Yugoslavia, over Bolivia
MONTEVIDEO 17 (12 n.).
At the meeting held this afternoon between the national teams of Yugoslavia and Bolivia, Bolivians began attacking strongly to their opponents and putting constantly threatens the Yugoslavian goal only due to the brilliant performance of their goalkeeper was not crossed by the Bolivian shots.

The Yugoslavs, faced with such continuous attacks, were forced to stay defensive at all times.

This dominance of the players of a Bolivia was maintained throughout the first half, but the referee marked the end of the period without either side having scored so much.

In the second half, the Yugoslavs begin a brilliant attack, which takes completely surprise to their opponents. The game is developed in inverse form to that of the first half. The Bolivian goalkeeper shows a lack of security and the whole team reveals that it lacks defensive technique. In these circumstances, the Yugoslavs mark four goals and undo all the Bolivian attacks, which were so brilliantly developed during the first half of the fight.

At the beginning of the match, the Bolivians surprised the public with an effective game, which always kept the ball in Yugoslav territory, to the point that in the minds of all the spectators was the belief that they would win. But a few minutes into the second half, the Bolivians began to waver and Yugoslav domination prevailed.

The Bolivian team played most of the game with ten players because the player Gomez had to be removed from the field with a fractured leg within minutes of having started the first half.

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