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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The United States' 1930 Post-World Cup friendly against Brazil - Part Two

Critica, 16 August 1930

This interview with the Brazilian World Cup captain, Prego (Preguinho), gives his opinion on the American opponents. After their impressive performances against Belgium and Paraguay, it is hard to judge how they will perform considering their defeats to Argentina (6-1) and Sao Paulo FC (5-3).

He did, however, believe the Americans to be a powerful team, and that their combined constituent parts represent a ''formidable force''. He praised their defence, which is a ''hard barrier to break''. They are ''magnificent, agile, full of courage and decision, intelligent, with a fair and rapid vision of the game.''

He believed the outside-left (Bart McGhee) to be an ''extraordinary player'' with a powerful shot. He praised Billy Gonsalves, whom ''impresses with serenity, the correctness of his passes, the absolute dominion he has on the leather ball.'' He explained he was calm and logical on the ball and had the ability to be spectacular.

All in all, the Americans, are a ''perfect combination, the solidarity in the game, understanding that there is among all, all this converts the visiting team into a force.'' 

Critica, 16 August 1930

This article in the same newspaper states that the Americans had been improved by the Englishman. It is not clear if this is in reference to the British born players in the squad. In the next sentence it explains that the British taught the Americans the ABC's of football, but the US had rejected the British method in favour of their own style that developed while in South America.

''We must win'', proclaimed the article predicting that the Brazilians eleven would defeat the Americans, ''the placard is marking the defeat of the US.''

From left to right, James Brown, Raphael Tracy, James Douglas, Philip Slone and Bart McGhee,  Correio da Manha, 16 August 1930

Mike Bookie and Tom Florie at the Hotel dos Etrangeiros, Critica, 17 August 1930
Critica, 17 August 1930
I believe the caption to be wrong. Wood is on the left, Douglas (middle), Moorhouse (right), Critica, 17 August 1930

Critica, 17 August 1930

This is the third article that refers to Billy Gonsalves being born in Portugal, see article below.

The article is an interview with Billy Gonsalves that explains that he is the only foreign player in the team. Born in Portugal, his first words were Portuguese, but he has since forgotten how to speak in his mother's tongue. According to the article, his black hair and his southern complexion  disguises his true nationality.

The interview took place at the Hotel dos Estrangeiros. Gonsalves told the Brazilian newspaper that the Brazilians were unlucky to lose to Yugoslavia in the World Cup and that ''the  inclemency of the temperature to which they were not accustomed'' as the main cause of defeat. 

The Critica journalist asked him if the Americans feared the Brazilians? Gonsalves responded that they didn't, not even the best team in the world.

So the Rio fans would witness a ''Yankee victory''? He responded that he wouldn't say that, but the Americans do not fear losing  and his team ''never opened our eyes to the prospect of failure.'' When they step onto the field ''we never look at the goal, only for the goal. ''

He told Critica that the American team contained ''players of real value'', with defender Moorhouse being one of them describing him as a ''barrier''. The midfield were ''firm'' and their forwards were ''light, skillful, impetuous''.

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