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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The United States' 1930 Post-World Cup friendly against Brazil - Part Three

O Jornal, 16 August 1930

The article above from O Jornal, 16 August 1930, refers to the Americans as ''the best and most perfect foreign team'' to have visited Rio. It explained how the Argentine press considered the US team as one of the best teams in the World Championship after the finalist. It makes reference to Montevideo newspaper El Plata, which stated that their performances justified the positive opinion of the Uruguayan public. They demonstrated a ''uniformity in its technical standard'' and their ability to work well as a team without even noting the individual performances. The article noted that the team suffered injuries in their heavy defeat to Argentina.

Brazilian goalkeeper, Joel (pictured) Diario de Noticias, 16 August 1930
Diario de Noticias published an extract from the July 18th edition of Argentina's La Nacion, which described the Americans as a ''powerful and vigorous team'', that are ''strong in all their lines and overwhelming in their attack. No one stays with the ball more than the time required''. They only dribble with the ball and show their individual skill when there is no team-mate available to pass to. They move the ball well ''if not with beauty, at least in conjunction with harmony and precision''. The attackers move forward together and passes out wide and ''formidable shots'' are common. ''Their solid defense is characterized by the uniformity of values that pleases the observer.,'' concluded the article.

Critica, 17 August 1930
This is an interview with the Brazilian player, Hermogenes, who had watched the United States beat Paraguay 3-0. He told Critica, that he thought the American style of play ''admirable'', and that they are ''clear, fair, intelligent'', He said they are fighters, ''robust, fiery, passionate'' with  ''a discipline almost unbreakable.'' ''In the heat of battle,'' he said ''they act calmly,'' with a technical efficiencyThe Americans shoot '' very well, with violence and direction,'' and that their left winger, above all, has a terrifying shot, very powerful, a kind of cannon shot.'' Its believed he is referring to Bart MacGhee. He described their defence as ''solid'', ''agile'' and ''stunning''. 

Finally, he told Critica, he was unwilling to make any predictions on the outcome of the match.

Critica, 17 August 1930

Critica also interviewed the Vasco da Gama defender, Italia, on his thoughts on the match. Even though he had watched them in Montevideo, he believed it wasn't enough for him to make a fair judgement on the US team. All that he knew was that they were a powerful team.

He told Critica that ''the battle today will be exciting'', and that it was a ''gathering of titans''. He wasn't perturbed by the prospect of the fight because he liked the ''fight and so in the fight, I am happy.''

Finally, he told Critica, ''One thing I can guarantee: I will be a tireless soldier for Brazil, [with] extreme dedication. I will work with love, faith and decision.''

Correio da Manha, 17 August 1930

From top to bottom: Frank Vaughn, Alex Wood, Andy Auld and trainer Bob Millar, Correio da Manha, 17 August 1930
Diario da Noticias, 17 August 1930

Diario de Noticias, 17 August 1930

Diario de Noticias, 17 August 1930

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