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Thursday, 3 September 2015

1930 World Cup France 4 Mexico 1 (A Statistical Review)

In terms of all team line-ups of the 18 matches that were played at 1930 World Cup, there is no discrepancy with the various sources, so all FIFA match reports are accurate in that respect and I will provide links to those reports.

The purpose is to compare different sources to determine goalscorers, goal timings, attendence and certain match events that differ from various accounts. We should bear in mind that the FIFA records have not always been accurate and have changed over the years.

The sources I will refer to are:

The Official Report Primer Campeonato Mundial (which is full of its own inaccuracies), published by the Uruguayan FA (AUF), will be referred to as the Official Report

Cris Freddi's, Complete Book of the World Cup (2002), which will be referred to as Freddi.

A History of the World Cup: Vol 1, The Jules Rimet Years (1998), which will be referred to as the Jules Rimet Years.

Contemporary newspaper reports will be mentioned when necessary.

German publication International Federation of Football History and Statistics Weltmeisterschaft 1930 (1994)., which I will refer to as IFFHS. which I will refer to as eufootball.

Rony J Almeida's Where The Legand Began (2006)

Goal scorers and goal times
FIFA records;
France 4 ( Laurent 19, Langiller 40, Maschinot 43, 87)
Mexico 1 (Carreno 70)

The Official Report, IFFHS, Freddi, The Jules Rimet Years and eufootball all agree on goal scorers and goal times.

Augustin Chantrel, who played in that match, records that Laurent scored in the 10th minute in his match report published in L'Instransigeant, 31 July 1930.

Argentina's Sante Fe (14 July 1930) lists France's first goal at 17 minutes and the scorer as Mascchinot. It also differs on Carreno's goal (71st min).

The United Press report published in Brazil's O Estado do Sao Paulo (15 July 1930) has Laurent's goal timed at 18 minutes and Maschinot first goal at 42 minutes.

Argentina's El Orden (14 July 1930) lists Carreno's goal at 74 minutes.

Chile's Los Sports (25 July 1930) has France scoring their first at 17 minutes.

The injury to Thepot

FIFA and the Official Report make no mention of the injury to Thepot, who went off concussed, and was replaced in goal by Chantrel.

The IFFHS, The Jules Rimet Years and eufootball mention the injury in the 26th minute and Freddi states that France had to play an hour with ten men. However, Chantrel, in his report, writes this happened in the 15 minute while France's Le Journal (16 July 1930) says that Thepot was knocked out in the 10th minute.

Lucien Laurent's claim that it snowed.

In 1998, a 90 year old Lucien Laurent, claimed in an interview, that it snowed on the day they played Mexico.

However, Augustin Chantrel, in his report for L'Instransigeant (31 July 1930) noted ''terrible weather, strong winds, rain and even hail''. Rony J Almeida, in his book, Where the Legend Began, reviewed the press reports of the US v Belgium game, played on the same day and time, and only mentions a ''hail of rain'' in the second half. Argentina's Sante Fe (14 July 1930) mentions alternatively a ''fine drizzle, hail and heavy downpours''.

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