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Friday, 27 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Yugoslavia (English translation from El Sol)


This is a match report of the second semi-final between Uruguay and Yugoslavia played on the 27th July 1930. The hosts 6-1 win over the Balkan state secured their place in the first-ever World Cup final against their arch-rivals and neighbours from across the River Plate - Argentina. 

This dispatch appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Sol, on the 28th of July. You can read the original report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their opinions on the translation to help with any improvements. The document was converted via google.

Uruguay, 6; Yugoslavia, 1

MONTEVIDEO 28 (10 m.). - Yesterday was the semifinal match of the world championship between the teams of Uruguay and Yugoslavia.

The first half ended with three goals to one in favour of Uruguay. From the first moment, the superiority of local players over their opponents was evident. However, the Yugoslavs produced a good impression, because they made excellent plays of short passes. His game during all this time recalled by its characteristics to the Argentine teams. In general, the game was animated and at times quite abrupt. The goalkeeper stood out remarkably from the Yugoslav team.

The Uruguayan front line was somewhat heavy. Their players did not demonstrate the excellent way in which they had acted in the match against the Romanian team. The defence acted well. The first goal of the afternoon was marked by the Yugoslavs. It was the only goal scored by this team, and it caused general confusion in the huge crowd that filled the stadium. The first Uruguayan, who gave the tie, was marked by Cea and received by the public with a formidable ovation. The second Uruguayan was scored by centre-forward Anselmo and gave rise to delirious expressions of enthusiasm, as well as the third, also achieved by Anselmo.

Shortly before the end of the first half the Yugoslavs scored the second goal, cancelled by the referee [for being] out of play.

In the second half, the superiority of the Uruguayan team became even more evident. As they were marking the many facts against the enemy goal the enthusiasm of the public overflowed. The match ended with six to one, in favour of Uruguay. The superiority of the local team was so obvious that most of the match was played near the Yugoslavian goal. Thanks to the magnificent performance of the Yugoslav goalkeeper, who played brilliantly, the Uruguayan triumph was prevented from reaching truly exceptional proportions.

In the Uruguayan team, the defenders Mascheroni and Nazzassi, the media Andrade and Fernández y Gestido stood out. The goalkeeper Ballesteros acted well, except in the goal that marked him at the start of the game. In contrast, the strikers did not produce a good impression and did not play up to what was expected. Only the left inside Cea and the centre-forward Anselmo stood out, although the game of the latter was inferior to the one played in the game played against the Romanians. In general, it can be said that from the technical point of view the game can be described as regular, and about more or less, similar to the one played between the United States and the Argentines the previous day, although the game played by the Yugoslav superior to the team of the United States.

So many Uruguayans in the second half had scored: one by Iriarte and two by Cea.

Throughout the meeting the order was perfect. The same as on the previous day, the authorities had taken extreme precautions on the outside of the stadium and on the inside of the stadium. The surveillance was in charge of police forces and armed soldiers. In order to prevent the public from invading the field, it was surrounded by a double woven wire fence three meters high.
The turnout was huge, it is estimated that more than one hundred thousand people attended the match, having exhausted the locations with enough anticipation. Thousands of people who had not been able to get places surrounded the field hoping to know the result. (Associated Press.)

The Olympic final of Amsterdam was repeated
 MONTEVIDEO 28 (11 m.). - With the victory of Uruguay with the same number as the Argentine team in their match against the United States, these two finalist teams are left to compete for the world championship. The finalist match between Uruguay and Argentina will be held on Wednesday.

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