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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Match Report - Argentina vs Chile (English translation from La Nacion)

This is the match report of Argentina's 3-1 victory over Chile at the Estadio Centenario that was played on 22nd of July. This match secured their place in semi-finals alongside the United States, Yugoslavia and the host Uruguay.

The article is unsigned but is most likely a South American scribe working for the cable news agency Associated Press. This report appeared in the 23rd July edition of Madrid based daily La Nacion. You can read the original report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their input to help improve the translation of this document that was translated via google.

Argentina defeated Chile.

And it goes to the semifinal.

Argentina, 3: Chile, 1.

MONTEVIDEO 23.-In the eliminatory match for the world soccer championship played this afternoon by the national teams of the Argentine Republic and Chile, the Argentineans won by three goals against one. (Associated Press)

In the match "ties were tightened".

MONTEVIDEO 22.-In the first half of the match played this afternoon between the national teams of the Argentine Republic and Chile, the Argentines scored the first goal at eleven minutes of play, and the second, two minutes later, both made by the Stabile player.

The Chileans, however, were not intimidated, but played with greater effort, getting fourteen minutes to score a goal, the work of striker Subiabre. Then there were countless attacks on the Argentine goal, not making the score vary by the deviation of the shots of their strikers. During the offensive of the Chilean team, an Argentine player fouled one of his opponents, who got up and slapped the author of the foul. (*)Then a real pitched battle ensued between the players of both teams, with the game being suspended for several minutes, while the contenders were separated and the player victim of the foul was served. The game resumed, throwing the Chileans in free-kick, and, shortly after, the first half was over.

(*) For further on the identity of the players below, see comments below.

In the first forty-five minutes, the Chileans acted magnificently, because, although the Argentines scored two goals first, their game did not decline the least, and only the accuracy of their shots should be attributed the difference of scoring between both teams.

In the second half, the Argentines began playing with greater enthusiasm, achieving through Mario Evaristo mediation, the third in his favour. The Chileans made numerous attacks on the Argentine goal, wasting several times to score, due to the inaccuracy of their shots.

In the last moments, the Argentines attacked continuously, often putting the Chilean goal in danger; but they did not get any more.

The match with the triumph of the Argentinians by three goals against one .- (Associated Press.)

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