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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Match Report - Argentina vs United States (English translation from El Heraldo de Madrid)


On July 26th, Argentina beat the United States 6-1 to qualify for the first ever World Cup final. This translation of the match report appeared in the July 28th edition of El Heraldo de Madrid. Uruguay defeated in Yugoslavia in the other semi-final played on the 27th of July. 

The author of the dispatch is unknown but was a reporter (most likely a South American native) working for the cable news agency, the Associated Press. You can read the original report here.

Any suggestions to help improve this document are welcome which was translated via google.

The semifinal of the world soccer championship has been played, corresponding to the Argentines and North Americans. They beat the first six against one.

MONTEVIDEO.-The soccer match played between the national teams of the Argentine Republic and the United States in the national stadium was attended by nearly 100,000 spectators, who occupied all the locations. Among the spectators was a large number of Argentines, who wave their national flag.

In the first time the Argentines dominate almost completely, in such a way that in the first twenty minutes the game was developed within the North American line of defense, having the goalkeeper Douglas to intervene innumerable times, always with success. The Argentines managed in this first time to score a goal, work of Monti. The Argentine spectators welcomed this first goal with a big ovation, followed by all kinds of expressions of enthusiasm.

The Argentines demonstrated in this first half have greater agility and knowledge of the game than their opponents. They developed a game of short passes that completely disconcerted the Americans, unaware of this technique. 

In the second half the American defense was powerless to contain the impetuous attacks of the Argentine strikers, who acted more blended than in the first forty-five minutes. The Argentine players scored five goals at eleven, twenty-three, thirty-five, forty-forty-two minutes of play. These many were executed by the players Scopelli, Stabile and Peucelle. The fourth Argentine goal, made by Peucelle, was in fact, marked by the North American defender Wood who, when he tried to deflect the ball, introduced it into his own net. Six minutes before ending the match the American Storie managed to score the goal of honor, ending the game with the victory of the Argentines by six goals against one.

In this second half the Americans gave the impression of being completely confused by the technique used by the Argentines.

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