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Monday, 30 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Argentina (English translation from La Voz)


This is an English translation of the match report of the first ever World Cup final between Uruguay and Argentina played on the 30th July 1930. The hosts, Uruguay, emerged victorious as 4-2 winners after trailing at halftime 2-1. The report has at least one mistake as it lists Uruguay's first goalscorer as Pedro Cea. In fact, the author of the goal was the outside-right, Pablo Dorado.

The article was published in the Spanish newspaper La Voz on the 31st July 1930. The author of the piece is unknown but likely a South American journalist working for the Associated Press cablegram newsagency. You can read the original Spanish language report here.

Readers are welcome to offer their opinions as to the accuracy of the translation that was interpreted using google.

The teams.- Montevideo 30 (16. evening) .- The national teams of Uruguay and Argentina, which this afternoon will compete in the world soccer championship. They are formed by the following players:
Uruguayan team - Ballesteros: Nasazzi, Mascheroni; Andrade Fernández, Gestido Dorado, Scarone. Anselmo, Cea, Iriarte.
Argentine team.- Botasso: De la Torre, Paternoster; Evaristo (J.). Chividini, Suarez; Peucelle, Varallo, Stabile, Ferreyra. Evaristo (M.).
The Argentine player Monti must have played in his team as a midfielder, but he has refused to play this afternoon, due to his lack of sympathy with the Uruguayan public. To be named to replace Monti [is] the player Zumelzu, but cannot play because of being sick. Then it was decided that Chividini would take the place of Monti in the final match. He still does not know if at the last minute he will be able to convince Monti to occupy the rightful place in the team, because many technicians [coaching staff] and supporters try to convince him to play against the Uruguayans.
The Uruguayan team talks about the possibility that at the last minute Petrone or Castro replace Anselmo as a centre-forward. (Associated Press.)
MONTEVIDEO 30 (9 n.), - The teams have suffered at the last minute the following modifications: the middle Argentine centre Chividini is replaced by Monti, and the Uruguayan centre-forward Anselmo is replaced by Castro.

The game.-Montevideo 30 (8 night) .- In the final match of the World Championship, played this afternoon between the national teams of the Republic of Argentina and Uruguay, the Uruguayans won by four goals against two.
The first half ended with the score of two to one, favourable to the Argentine team.
The detail. -During the first minutes of play, the Argentines, and especially the defence line, with great nervousness, frequently missing and allowing the dominance of the Uruguayan players, who after twelve minutes of play managed to score the first goal, the work of striker Cea. Putting the game back into play, the fight was balanced, noticing a greater security in the Argentine defence. Evaristo (J.) made an excellent game, stopping advances of the Uruguayan front line and serving numerous balls to his. The Argentine strikers, despite showing lack of rapport, put several times in danger in Uruguayan goal, until in the twenty minutes of play they achieved their first goal through Peucelle. The fight continues balanced; but, at thirty-eight minutes, a beautiful combination made by Varallo and Stabile finished the latter, pointing the second both the Argentine team. The first half ended with the score of two to one in favour of the Argentines.
In the second half, the Argentines hopeful of being able to take revenge of the Amsterdam final, they directed all their efforts to maintain the advantage obtained in the first time: however, the weak performance of some of their players, who tried to make plays individual, removed effectiveness to the team's overall work. In addition, although the extremes performed well, they did not manage to link their game with their other linemates. After the first moments, the Uruguayan players made strong attacks to get their second goal with a superb shot by Dorado. A few minutes later Iriarte scored the third and moments before the meeting was over the centre-forward Castro achieved the fourth goal. (Associated Press.)

For that trip! ... Montevideo 30 (10 n.) .- The Italian transatlantic "Duilio", which left Buenos Aires last night driving 1,000 Argentinean fans, who moved to this capital to witness the game, has arrived after the meeting ended, because of the thick fog in the Río de la Plata. For the same reason, they have had to return to Buenos Aires several aeroplanes and boats that made the trip to this capital.
The police authorities have stated that the agents under their command have seized more than 5,000 revolvers and bladed weapons, the property of Argentines who have moved these days to Montevideo to witness the matches of the world championship. (Associated Press.)

The bad to lose - London 31 - Telegraph from Buenos Aires to the ''Daily Herald'' that the news of the victory of the Uruguayan soccer team has given rise to several incidents and tumults, some ladies who looked out onto a balcony on Mayo Avenue The Uruguayan flag was stoned by the populace, and the police had to carry several charges against groups of protesters who stoned the Uruguayan Consulate, breaking almost all the windows of the building, and the agents were forced to cease the guns to restore order. .

The Argentine press protests against the game developed by the Uruguayans, describing it as brutal and accuses of manifest partiality [by] the Belgian referee, Langenus. (Fabra)

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