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Friday, 20 July 2018

Match Report - Brazil vs Bolivia; Paraguay vs Belgium (English translation from La Nacion)

This match report covers the two games that were played one after the other on the 20th July between Brazil-Bolivia and Paraguay-Belgium at the Estadio Centenario.
Written by an anonymous reporter (most likely South American) working for cable news agency this clipping was published in the Madrid based La Nacion (21 July 1930). You can the read original report here.
All contributions are welcome to help improve the translation of this report which was interpreted via google.
Note: There are discrepancies with the spelling with some of the players' names and the identity of the goalscorers.

Brazil and Paraguay were the winners yesterday

MONTEVIDEO 21.-Yesterday, Sunday, two games were played for the world soccer championship, between the teams of Brazil and Bolivia and those of Paraguay and Belgium.
In the first game, the Brazilians won by four goals to one. Paraguay was the winner over Belgium, by a little to zero. (Associated Press.)

The superiority of Brazil
MONTEVIDEO 21.-In the first half of the game played between the teams of Brazil and Bolivia passed without great interest, although the Brazilians showed from the first moment to have a greater technique than their enemies.
Minutes after the game started, it was noted that the public was confused about the players that belonged to each team, because of the equality of the shirts, which were white for all players. In view of this, the match was interrupted, so that the Bolivians could change their uniforms. When they returned to the field they wore the blue jersey of the Uruguayan teams. The public, seeing the Bolivians appear dressed in such fashion, burst into a standing ovation.
Resumed the game, the game continued to develop without plays of great interest. Twenty-seven minutes into the first half, the Brazilian player Reco scored the first goal of the match.
The first half ended with a goal by the Brazilians, against their opponents.

The Brazilians showed more dominance and technique throughout the game than the Bolivians, a domain that grew as the game went on, despite the enthusiasm shown by the Bolivian players. Coelhonetto played magnificently, proving to be the most effective striker of the Brazilian team, marking the second and third goal in favour of his team. The fourth goal of the Brazilians was marked by Wisintainer. The match ended with the victory of the Brazilian team, by four goals to one.
The match was attended by some fifteen thousand people. The weather (*) somewhat tarnished the game, it was dishevelled and cold .- (Associated Press.)

*Thank you to Ken Knight for this correction. See comments below.
Paraguayans and Belgians, bored.
MONTEVIDEO 21.-The second match of the afternoon was held between the teams of Paraguay and Belgium. The Paraguayan team lined up in the following way: Benítez; Flores, Olmedo; Benítez, Diaz, Garcete; Nessi, Romero González, Benítez Cáceres and Vargas Peña.
The Belgian team was composed of Badjón; Hoydonck, Dedecken; Braine, Hallemans, Moesenbal; Versyp, Delbeque, Nowens, Adams and Diden.
The Belgians started the first half with repeated attacks against the Paraguayan goal, whose defence acted well. However, shortly thereafter, midway through the second half, the forces remained balanced, after which a reaction was observed by the Paraguayan team, which twice put the Belgian gate in imminent danger.
The right wing of the Paraguayan team Nessi, at the moment of trying to score a goal, was given, driven by the impulse, a violent blow to the head against the post, falling to the ground vanished. The Paraguayans continued the game with only ten players on the field.
The public showed little interest in the game, withdrawing much of the competition before the end. The match ended with the victory of the Paraguayans by a goal against zero.
The only goal of the match was scored by Benítez Cáceres, thirty-seven minutes after the first half had started.
Although the Paraguay-Belgium party aroused little enthusiasm, it has been considered as a technical demonstration .- (Associated Press.)

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