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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Match Report - United States vs Paraguay (English translation from El Sol)


This is the English translation of the match report that appeared in the 18th July issue of Spanish newspaper, El Sol, from 1930 of the United States vs Paraguay game that was played at the Estadio Gran Parque Central, home of Montevideo based team, Club Nacional, that was played after the Yugoslav-Bolivia game on the 17th July.

The author of the article is anonymous but was written by a journalist working for Associated Press and is most likely a South American reporter on location in Uruguay.

Google was used to translate this document and is, therefore, subject to possible errors that would be better crafted by a professional translator. Spanish speakers are welcome to offer their opinions to help improve the text. You can read the original report here.

This game is regarded by Fifa as the match where Bert Patenaude scored the first World Cup hattrick. However, this article lists the American goalscorers as Goncalves (2 goals) and Florie. But there are many reasons to believe this is incorrect. For instance, the players did not wear numbered shirts and many of these players were unfamiliar to the South American press corp. Mistaken identity was common.

For further reading on the Bert Patenaude hattrick and the evidence to support it check out these previous articles:

Bert Patenaude and the First World Cup Hat-trick

How the Americans won.
MONTEVIDEO 17 (12 n.). In the match between Paraguayans and North Americans, the latter begins by opening an intense offensive and rejecting the counter-attacks carried out by the Paraguayan vanguard. In this first half, the American interior right Goncalves manages to score two goals for his team, without the Paraguayan goalkeeper can do anything to stop them.

In the second half, the dominance of the North American team is complete, except on rare occasions when the Paraguayan players manage to take the game to the ground of their opponents. The superiority of the North American team is accentuated more and more and in many occasions it manages to overflow the Paraguayan defence, developing a brilliant game and scoring a third goal, executed by Florie.
Throughout the match, the Paraguayans have been powerless to contain the rapid attacks of the Americans, who have played with an admirable cohesion. As in the previous performances of this team, the public has been favorable to their opponents; but it is especially in this case that today's defeat eliminates the Paraguayans from the fight for the title of world champion, and also because the Paraguayan players have defeated the previous Uruguayan team in the South American championship, which constitutes a forecast unfavorable for the picture of Uruguay. (Associated Press.)

The American role, on the rise

MONTEVIDEO 17 (12 n.). The victory obtained by the Americans over the Paraguayans, after an easy match, increases the impression existing in the public regarding the Yankees' chances in this world competition. (Associated Press.)

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