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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Peru (English translation of El Heraldo de Madrid)


This is an English translation of Uruguay vs Peru match report that appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Heraldo de Madrid on the 19th July 1930. The match represented the opening of the newly built Estadio Centenario commensurate with the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Uruguayan Constitution.
The report is anonymous but is written by a South American correspondent of the Associated Press news agency. You can read the original report here.
Google translation was used to convert the document and is clumsy in parts. Any Spanish speakers are welcome to offer their contribution to help improve the document.

Uruguay Beat Peru by one to zero
MONTEVIDEO. - In the soccer match played between the national teams of Uruguay and Peru, the Uruguayans won by a little against zero.-Associated Press.
MONTEVIDEO.- The first half of the game played this afternoon between the Uruguayan and Peruvian teams ended without either side having scored so much, for which the audience whistled to the Uruguayan players, for not being satisfied with their performance.
However, the Uruguay team dominated all the time, but their attacks were stopped by the Peruvian defence, which played admirably. During this half the Peruvians made a formidable effort, not content with resisting the attacks of their adversaries, but, on the other hand, made frequent incursions into the Uruguayan field, which motivated, the intervention of the Uruguay goalkeeper.

At the end of the first half, the audience was surprised by the excellent performance of the Peruvian players, because they were considered enthusiastic men, but unable to oppose a serious resistance to their rivals, far superior in knowledge of the game.
In the second half, the Uruguayans managed to score the goal that gave them the victory, which was greeted with a great ovation by the public, which until that moment had not ceased to whistle.
In the course of this second half, the Peruvians continued to show their marvellous resistance to the Uruguayan attack, especially the defence, which succeeded in stopping the continuous Uruguayan attacks, carried out with the technique that is peculiar to them.
Among the Peruvian players stood out: the centre-half, Galindo, and the goalkeeper, Padrón, especially the latter, who, after a somewhat indecisive first half, stopped formidably countless shots. Of the forwards highlighted Lavalle, who led the line admirably and shot good shots.

The Uruguayans acted with insecurity during the first half, but, after the goal scored in the second half, they played brilliantly. He was animated by the public, who exchanged whistles in applause. Associated Press

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