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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Match Report - Uruguay vs Romania (English translation from El Heraldo de Madrid)


This is the match report of Uruguay's 4-0 victory over Romania, played at the Estadio Centenario, that secured their place in the semi-finals.

The author of the article is anonymous but is most likely a South American journalist employed by the cable news agency, Associated Press. This article appeared in the 22nd July edition of the Spanish newspaper, El Heraldo de Madrid. You can read the original report here.

This article was translated via Google and is subject to errors. Readers are welcome to offer their opinions in order to help improve the translation.

The World Championship soccer

Uruguay Defeat Romania 4 to 0.
MONTEVIDEO 22.-- Uruguay beat  Romania by 4 to 0. The four goals were scored in the first half.
MONTEVIDEO 28. During the first half of the game played yesterday afternoon between the national teams of Romania and Uruguay, the Uruguayan players easily dominated the Romanians, because, although the Romanian defence acted brilliantly, it could not contain the overwhelming attacks of the local.

After six minutes of play, the Uruguayan Dorado scored the first goal for his team; Scarone scores the second at twenty-five minutes; the third is executed by Anselmo at thirty-four, and a minute later Cea points to the fourth. This first half ends with the scoring of four zero in favour of the Uruguayans.
This result gives an idea exactly of the way the match was played in the first forty-five minutes. The Uruguayans were constantly on the offensive, without the Romanians managing to start more than four attacks, which were easily annulled by the Uruguayan defence.
At the beginning of the second half, the Uruguayan strikers play [with] apathy, except Iriarte, who is the only one who has not scored and carries out individual attacks without the support of his linemates. The game is developed without registering dangerous situations, due to the impossibility in which they are the Romanians to overcome the resistance - from the locals and to the little enthusiasm of the Uruguayans to increase the score.

The match ends with the result of four to zero, favourable to Uruguay. -

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